Everything fell apart!

When he fell in love with her
He was not aware what love was.
But there was a smile on his face
When he met her..
A spark in his eyes to see her…
He would listen to her for hours..
Forgetting the world around..
He fell in love with her simplicity
Her innocence
Her heart so pure
And the fairytale of happily ever after
Seemed to be true…
But all of a sudden
Everything fell apart..
There was a fog of mistrust in front of his eyes…
Her innocence turned to doubt for him
Her simplicity seemed fake..
The love between them started fading away..
She cried out loud
But the tears of rain could not wipe the fog out…
With pain in her heart and love in her eyes
She left the world never to return…
The wind blew strong and the fog seemed to fade..
He opened his eyes and saw the sand falling from his hand
He called her out but she was not near
How he wished to tell her how much he loved her
Just one last time…
Please come back his heart cried out
Just the way she cried for him
Her soul smiled from up above
To see the love again in his eyes
The fog has gone out and the sky is clear
But now she will never be near…