No soul

In middle of the dark frozen night
When the world is half asleep
I stand here by the window
Thinking of what all I could be

The moon so bright and stars shining so far
The cars on the street and lights everywhere
Everything has a life
Everything has a goal
But deep inside me
I am left with no soul…

Imperfectly perfect mom!

A mom blogger
Having fun with her kids
An amazing baker
Baking different types of dish.
A fashionista,
Wearing different types of stones
A perfect wife
Balancing her work and home.
When I see all of them
On insta and Facebook
I start doubting
My own motherhood.
I am in my comfy pajamas all day
Fashion from me is far away.
I don’t know to grill or bake
But good food is all that I make.
I am not a blogger mom
Nor do I post with my kids
But i do have lot of fun with them
And take care of their needs.
Work and home, I sail in both
I am not perfect, but I do see growth.
I am not a follower nor an influencer 
I am a happy wife and mom
And that makes me prouder.

Blind love for a child!!

Human nature amuses me
Its difficult at times to understand
What drives this kind of abrupt behaviour.
Blind love of parents for their kids to an extent that spoils the character of their own child.
Parents fail to see that their pampered child has chosen a wrong path.
Or may be they are unable to accept that their child can do something wrong.
This is a common behaviour specially in the high societies.
Where parents dont take out enough time to talk to their kids but show love through expensive gifts.
Its very important as a parent to show your child the difference between right and wrong.
To tell your child to accept mistakes and have courage to make it right.
Not to overshadow the child’s mistakes and go blind.
With time the child learns that he or she can never be wrong.
And a little ups and downs in life aggravates their anger.
And such behaviour leads to destruction of self or others.
Than it’s too late for a parent to turn back time.
Unconditional love for a child is what we all do.
But blind love is not what you should do.

Rape- a horrifying act!

Lying in the pool of blood
My body cries for help
My soul is torn apart
And has started to melt.
Those men came In like a dark storm
And destroyed my innocence away
I was treated like an animal
Dragged and thrown in hay.
I screamed for mercy
But they dint feel my pain
They pushed themselves on me
Dont know what they gained.
It did not end there
They wanted some more
After crushing my soul
My body was torn.
They hit me with their belt
Crushed my face with stone
My every nerve was bleeding
And I was left with crushed bones.
I lie down here with my last breath
To all women this is a threat.
No matter what we wear
No matter what we do
We are not spared
From the evil eyes of monsters
Age dsnt matter
If you are months days or years old
They will blame you for the diapers or the stick that you hold.
Frock saree or burkha
Clothes are always a reason
Such culprits commit crime
But never go to prison.
The law is hand cuffed
By politicians and land lords
We can only cry and ask for help
To our gods.
Government will keep changing
But the state of women will remain the same
The throne is not to protect the people
But just a bloody game.
Let us all unite and stand together
Against all the unjust
Let’s fight these monsters
And save the rest of us.

Secret tears!!

I locked myself in bathroom today,
And cried for a long time..
My secret tears I dint want anyone to see,
Not bcoz I dont want to share my pain..
But bcoz I know, noone understands them…
Noone to talk to..noone to share…
I am sure many know this pain of loneliness…
When you have no escape from the sacrifices that u have made…and that you still have to make….
When you have no loving heart to hug you and tell you it’s all ok…
When you know you have to fight your battle alone…
When you know you are not the same person…
Situation circumstances have changed you to be someone else…
When you miss yourself so bad…
But you cannot go back…
And there is noone around to tell you…
I will love you no matter what you be..
When you just want that someone
Who loves you unconditionally…
With no promises…no conditions..
Then you realise that person Is a fiction…
There is noone that can love you and accept you the way you are ..
Everyone loves you and wants you for a reason…
Only you can love yourself unconditionally…
Only you can understand yourself…
Only you can act crazy by yourself while noone to judge ..
Only you can cry alone and understand your pain…
Secret tears…that’s what it is!!!

Thak si gayi hu main

Rishton ki in uljhano me, ulajh si gayi hu main
Teri Wafa nibhate nibhate thak si gayi hu main…

Ek muddat hui mujhe muskuraye hue
Teri muskurahaton me apne ansu chupate Chupate thak si gayi hu  main…

Parayo ko bhi apnaya hai maine tere liye
Har rishton ko nibhaya hai maine tere liye
Ab rishton ka karz chukate chukate thak si gayi hu main….

Har kadam badhaya hai maine tere liye
Kash do kadam tum bhi badhate mere liye
Khud roothkar apne aapko manate manate thak si gayi hu main…

Jitni mohabbat maine ki hai tujhse
Kash itni shiddat se tune bhi wafa nibhayi hoti
Teri mohabbat ke liye taraste taraste thak si gayi hu main…

What is love????

What is love? Can anyone define?
Respect? Care? Insecurity? Attraction? All these are mere words.
Noone can truely feel the pain of love. Love is not happiness or garden full of rose….love is feeling the pain the hurt the laughter the tears….its not just about the rose…but even about the thorns with the rose that pricks so deep inside your heart …
Love is that feeling which you have the first time you get close to each other….and the feeling remains the same eveyday every hour till your last breath…
Love is when you become a better person yourself bcoz your partner makes you feel so good about yourself…
Love is when you both think the better for each other….selflessly…
Love is when you are happy…you are free….you are yourself….
But do we all feel this in love???
If yes…then why do we hurt? Why do we cry? Why there is so much pain??
Love gives us pain??? Then why fall in love???
The problem is not with love….the problem is in the way you love….
When a person loves someone….he thinks the other person should love him or her in the same way….
People are different…and love differently…
Someone who falls in love is emotional….someone practical…someone sensitive…someone harsh….
Someone crazy in love… someone crazy for love….
It is Upon us to decide where we want to be….
If you want to be with someone who hurts u or you want to be with someone who loves u….
If you love someone than compromise…and If someone loves you than adjust….
Think deeply….it is true….
And at last…
Love yourself….noone can love you more selflessly than yourself…
If you love yourself…respect yourself…care for yourself….it dsnt matter if someone dsnt….because you make yourself happy….you dont need anyone…